The Project will deploy the state of the art Shinkansen N-700 5th generation high-speed rail total system (the “System”) inclusive of rolling stock, signaling, power supply and associated infrastructure, provided by JR Central and its manufacturing partners. The N-700 is considered to be the safest, most sophisticated and modern rail system in the world. The System has been successfully deployed in Japan for 50 years with no fatalities or serious incidents and an average annual delay time of less than 60 seconds. A version of the System has more recently been successfully deployed in Taiwan with similar results. The System will enable commuters to travel safely between Dallas and Houston in less than 90 minutes and at speeds of up to 205mph.
  • The maximum cruising speed for an N700-I Bullet train is 205mph.
  • Because of the flat terrain and a relatively straight alignment between Dallas/Fort Worth and Houston, TCR is confident that this route will maximize the capabilities of this technology, allowing it to cruise at top speed.
  • When operational between Dallas and Houston, passengers will travel between these two cities in less than 90 minutes.
  • In nearly 50 years of high-speed rail operation, Central Japan Railway Company's (JRC) Tokaido Shinkansen has not had a single fatality due to train accidents.
  • Several factors have contributed to JRC's impeccable safety record: 1) dedicated line for high-speed rail passengers trains; 2) no level grade crossings; 3) Automatic Train Control (ATC); 4) COMTRAC Computer-aided Traffic Control); and 5) an extensive safety education and training.
  • JR Central’s state-of-the-art signaling system and its operation within a dedicated, sealed corridor have made travel by train an exact science.
  • The N700-I Bullet is an electric, large capacity, light-weight technology that results in very low energy consumption per mile, per passenger.
  • JRC has been able to achieve such low levels of energy consumption by the N700 trains by reducing its running resistance, reducing the rolling stock's weight, introducing a body inclining system and by expanding its use of a regenerative braking system.
Designed to operate in Japan’s dense urban environment, the N700-I Bullet embodies decades of JR Central's applied research, making it one of the quietest trains in the world.
The series N700 Shinkansen is a 5th generation high-speed technology, built on a foundation nearly 50 years of first-in-class operation. JR Central safely operates 333 high-speed trains daily between Tokyo, Nagoya and Osaka, transporting an average of 391,000 passengers daily.